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Color Watch: Perfect Pale Pink.
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I am by no means girly or frilly. Pink usually makes me think of feminine and romantic interiors  that just don’t feel like anything I would be drawn to. That is, until the perfect shade of pale grapefruit pink has made its appearance on the modern interiors scene. I am not sure if our collective subconscious has been inspired by the pink we are noticing around us in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but I have started seeing this color every where. Paired with moody dark greys and black or sunny whites,  I have suddenly started to think that its an amazingly fresh and modern hue that transcends gender. Its quite perfect.

pink 1

Source: Skona Hem

pink 2



Source: Weekday Carnival



Source: Park & Cube

You may be thinking how you can incorporate this sublime color into your interiors without committing to painting walls or laying tile. The answer is the seating. Whether its a pink sofa for a major statement or a interestingly shaped chair for architectural appeal, this pastel hue will instantly refresh the living room and bring love into the home. Pairing the seating with heavier masculine pieces like dark walls, wood, and brown leather will create a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energies for a striking room. Don’t forget gold or brass for that final touch.

Metroloft Living Room with Stair

Source: Incorporated NY




Source: Decor8

pink chair 1


Source: The Design Files

pink chair 2


Source: Byf Ryd

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