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Out With the New, In With the Old.
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Out with the new and in with the old? That’s no typo — the latest “trend” in decorating is more about embracing tradition, quality over quantity, and personal style over what a few designers consider hot. Imagine for a moment that you didn’t need to worry about buying brand-new stuff for your home, or bother keeping up with trends. It’s sort of a relief, right? If you are Classic style, you are probably nodding right now, because embracing tradition and timeless beauty is what the Classic look is all about.

Use what you have. It’s amazing what a difference a little furniture rearranging can do for a space! Try out a new living room seating arrangement, swap chairs and tables from room to room, and borrow accessories from other rooms in the house. Try to look at your belongings with a fresh eye. Turn old feed sacks into pillow covers, use spare fabric to cover a bulletin board, or have an old chair recovered instead of buying a new chair.

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Going shopping? Choose antiques. Instead of heading to the nearest big box furniture store or mass retailer, make an effort to seek out vintage, thrift, and antiques stores instead. Older furniture was often of a better quality than what is produced today, and (unless you shop in a very high end store) the prices are often comparable to new furniture. And accessories like mirrors, artwork, lamps, and decorative details are sure to be more unique if you buy vintage.

Splurge on timeless classics. When you are going to make a big purchase, such as on a new sofa or other large piece, choose a style that will stand the test of time. Classic fabrics and colors like natural linen, and clean-lined shapes will always look great. You can always use accessories to spice up the look!

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Think of it as “patina” instead of “worn”. A well-loved carpet or old wooden chest is bound to show some natural wear-and-tear. But instead of feeling that the first sign of age is a reason to get rid of something, why not keep it and display it with pride? Many connoisseurs of antiques love the beautiful patina that comes with age — why not follow suit?

Put your heirlooms on display. Why should heirlooms be hidden away in storage? Dig out those boxes from great grandma, or from your own childhood, and see what treasures you can find. Frame keepsakes in shadowboxes, put the good silver into regular rotation, or put up a family photo wall using black and white portraits of your ancestors.

Follow your personal style, not trends. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, it’s your house — make it a place you love to spend time. Great style is 99% about having the confidence to follow your own instincts, so trust yourself to know what you like.


How do you embrace tradition at home? Share your ideas in the Comments section.


Sources: Angela Flournoy; Emily Hart via Design Mom; Sacramento Street

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