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Transporting everything you own from your old home to your new home can be difficult to orchestrate. So, rather than just playing it by ear and hoping everything gets done in time, it's a good idea to make a solid plan well in advance of your move and let Woodside help you along the way. Here is the basic outline of a plan that will make your move as stressfree as possible.

Six Easy Steps to Help Your Move Go Smooth

Step 1: PURGE

Go through your closets, cupboards and garage and discard anything you don't absolutely need to take with you. Many of those items can be given to charity or sold at a garage sale.

Step 2: Hire professional movers

Get quotes from several different companies before deciding on the best choice. If you don't have time to research a reputable company, ask your Woodside Sales Counselor for a recommendation. If you're planning on a do-it-yourself move, make sure to enlist help from friends and neighbors. You'll probably need it.

Step 3: Prepare for packing.

Weeks or months in advance, start saving boxes and other packing supplies. You can purchase these from moving companies and home improvement stores, but you can save money by collecting your own from local markets and other businesses.

Step 4: Make a Master List of Moving Tasks

Everyone knows it's easier to remember what you need to do if you sit down and make a list. That also gives you the opportunity to check off to-do items as you go. Compile your list room by room, and don't forget to consider kids and pets; they probably deserve a list of their own. A list will help you organize your thoughts, and it should be made several months in advance of your move. Make sure to schedule deadlines; some tasks need to be completed before others, so organize your to-do list and stick to your schedule.

Step 5: Plan New Rooms as You Pack the Old

Your new home is a fresh palette for new ideas. But taking pictures of every room before you start to pack up your old home will help you plan how to unpack. To make your move go as smoothly as possible, ask your Sales Counselor for a copy of your floor plan. Label the rooms and your boxes so your movers will know where to deliver Sammy's video games and Lizzie's doll house. Also, don't forget to take pictures of complicated electronic hook-ups to help you put them back together.

Step 6: Notify Friends, Businesses & Utility Providers

Inform gas, electric, cable, and telephone services of your move. Arrange to have them disconnected from your present home the day after your scheduled moving day. Sign up for services at your new address and have them connected on or before your move-in day. Plus take advantage of the helpful resources in Woodside's complimentary move-in tool box, which includes change of address cards that you should send at least a month in advance to everyone you can think of, including the post office, bank, creditors, government agencies, insurance companies, health care providers and magazine and newspaper publishers.
The hard work pays off when you get to relax and enjoy your new Woodside home!

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